National PVC canvas has favorable anti-dumping ruling
12/18/2018 - 17:18

Camex sets aside anti-dumping duty - in the form of a specific aliquot - for imports of PVC tarpaulins with textile reinforcement on both sides originating in China and South Korea


The Official Gazette published in its edition last June 24 the Resolution Camex (Foreign Chamber of Commerce) - number 51, dated 6/23/2016, closing investigation on the dumping of Brazilian PVC tarpaulin imports with textile fabrics on both sides, originating in China and South Korea.

The result of the investigation is the application of anti-dumping duty for a period of up to five years, in the form of a specific rate set at US $ / kg, ranging from US $ 0.29 / kg to 2.31 / kg, depending on the company country of origin.

In January 2015, Sansuy, a manufacturer of PVC laminates, filed a request for a dumping investigation with DECOM (Department of Trade Defense of the Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services). The investigation has technically found that exporters in China and South Korea have dumped exports to Brazil and that the practice has caused injury to this segment of the domestic industry. The damage was reflected, for example, in the significant fall in domestic production, in the loss of sales of the domestic industry, in addition to high rates of idleness, increase of inventories and reduction of jobs.

"The decision will strengthen conditions of competition and is of the utmost importance for the revitalization of the domestic PVC tarpaulin industry, which has been suffering from a significant increase in imports," explains lawyer Luiz Eduardo Salles of Azevedo Sette Advogados, Sansuy in this action. "It is important to emphasize that, although the request was made by Sansuy, on behalf of the domestic industry, the measure adopted will strengthen the entire national PVC tarpaulin industry, which has several other producing or producing companies," he adds.

The resolution has immediate application, ie all PVC tarpaulins with textile reinforcement on both sides (NCM 3921.90.19) occurring as of 06/24/16 and originating in China and South Korea, whose exporters are listed in Camex Resolution No. 51/16, will have the impact of the anti-dumping measure.

The Resolution in question, with a detailed description of the object product and the applicable rates, can be found on Camex's website:

Sansuy Profile

Recognized for its flexible laminates and manufactured PVC products, Sansuy celebrates the 50th anniversary of its foundation in 2016 with the same young spirit and committed to the continuous search for alternatives that guided the beginning of its activities. A 100% national company, Sansuy is proud to be part of the daily lives of millions of people around the world, as part of many industrialized products.

Currently, its industrial units located in São Paulo and Bahia provide products for the most diverse segments: automotive, transportation and logistics, furniture, mining, leisure, construction and architecture, agribusiness, warehousing, stationery, signage and visual communication, among others, supplying both the domestic and international markets.

As part of Sansuy's work philosophy, excellence in productivity and quality is a constant concern, which has led to the implementation of projects aimed at the continuous improvement of processes and products and today has certifications recognized and required by the market, such as ISO 9001 : 2008 and ISO TS 16949: 2009. Professionals specialized in product development, as well as engineering, laboratory and technical assistance teams, work closely with their clients and suppliers to meet market demands.

Conscious that the preservation of the environment is fundamental for society, as it is related to the quality of life, Sansuy is concerned with developing products aimed at the optimization of natural resources. They are solutions that contribute to the production of food, avoid waste of water, generate energy and preserve the environment, improving environmental awareness in the countryside and in the city. Sansuy seeks to act with consistency and responsibility in the communities where it operates, with a focus on social well-being and preservation of the environment, thus achieving the full trust of employees, partners, customers and the community.


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