Site gathers biodigester information

Site gathers biodigester information
12/18/2018 - 16:18

Developed by Sansuy, website presents products and solutions in an objective way, giving priority to impact images and good application cases

In constant evolution, companies and consumers are increasingly demanding: healthier products, correct disposal of materials, production that does not harm the environment, preservation of natural resources. These are premises that do not exclude agribusiness, which calls for farmers increasingly aware of their environmental responsibility.

Following this premise, Sansuy, a traditional manufacturer of flexible laminates and manufactured PVC products, has developed an exclusive website for vinibiodigestor (, economically viable and environmentally sound solution that meets each rural property according to its real needs of energy demand (biogas), production of biofertilizer and environmental preservation.

“The site is focused on the presentation of Sansuy products and solutions that range from family producers to large breeders and industries, such as refrigerators, starch and starch processing, as well as teaching and research institutions”,said Valter Saka, product manager of the company .

The idea of developing an exclusive website for the Sansuy vinibiodigestor came from the need to present biodigestion solutions clearly and objectively to an audience that generally spends little time browsing the same site. Therefore, the company prioritized impact images and good cases, and was concerned to develop a project with design that adapts to the various screen patterns available in the market, such as smartphones, tablets and notebooks.


Waste is the biodigester's raw material

Animal husbandry generates waste accumulation, which can contaminate water and soil. These same residues, however, are excellent raw materials for the biodigester. The process of anaerobic biodigestion is promoted by bacteria, which are mainly responsible for the degradation of organic matter and biogas production. Sansuy vinibiodigestor is the equipment that promotes this process of biodigestion of waste.

Among the benefits for the rural producer is the improvement in the aspect of sanitation, which reduces the presence of flies and odors; and the production of biofertilizer of quality, because the biodigestor stabilizes the organic matter and improves the use of the minerals. Another advantage is the availability of fuel (biogas) that can be used to heat boilers, sheds, refrigeration, lighting, motor pumps, heating of animal facilities and others, generating savings for the whole property.

The Sansuy vinibiodigestor is manufactured with PVC (polyvinyl chloride) geomembrane, with special formulation for resistance to the weather and installed in excavations in appropriate soil, with the walls and bottom coated with flexible PVC geocomposite. The cover is made by another blanket, which inflates and confers the necessary anaerobic conditions, in addition to storing the biogas.


Sansuy Profile

Since its beginning in 1966, Sansuy has focused on its strategic objectives in the segment of plastic transformation and in the supply of goods and services, meeting the needs of its commercial partners with complete and customized solutions. The first step was the development of high pressure hoses for agricultural sprayers and, over time, with investments in technology and structure, diversified into the production of flexible PVC laminates and their manufactured products.

Currently, its industrial units located in São Paulo and Bahia provide products for the most diverse segments: automotive, transportation and logistics, furniture, mining, leisure, construction and architecture, agribusiness, warehousing, stationery, signage and visual communication, among others, supplying both the domestic and international markets.

As part of Sansuy's work philosophy, excellence in productivity and quality is a constant concern, which has led to the implementation of projects aimed at the continuous improvement of processes and products and today has certifications recognized and required by the market, such as ISO 9001 : 2008 and ISO TS 16949: 2009. Professionals specialized in product development, as well as engineering, laboratory and technical assistance teams, work closely with their clients and suppliers to meet market demands.

Aware of the importance of environmental preservation, Sansuy is attentive to the development of solutions aimed at sustainability.


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 Site gathers biodigester information
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Developed by Sansuy, website presents products and solutions in an objective way ...