6 load applications connecting company and truck driver

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12/18/2018 - 14:49

With the advancement of technology, it is possible to do a multitude of things just by using a cell phone with internet access and without having to be in an office or in the home, for example. This saves time, money and can help speed up the trucker's work.

In this post, we will detail six freight applications that offer the possibility of contact between companies and drivers offering freight services. This type of application is very useful for both sides, since it increases the scope of supply and demand of this service. Check which one is most suitable for your work!

1. TruckPad

It is considered the pioneer of load applications and functions as a classified page type, in which you can see which deliverables are available to be made. For each service, the mileage to be covered and the freight value are shown.

This information allows you to choose which offers have the best value-to-distance ratio. The application is very easy to use and negotiation with companies is done directly.

TruckPad has more than 25 thousand freight and cargo offers, as well as being totally free and free of intermediaries. The application allows you to view the nearest cargo offers and the transport of cargo from other states, allowing you to get freight back and have a greater financial return.

At the end of delivery, truckers can make an assessment about the company regarding payment and credibility. The same can be done by the contractors who evaluate the truck drivers. The app is available for Android and iOS mobile phones.

2. BuscaCargas

The BuscaCargas is a bit different from what we mentioned previously: the user places his location in the application, which offers a list with all the freights available by the region. In addition to being able to be used on the cell phone, it has a website where the search can be done.

The shipper will advertise the freight through the website or the application, thus being available to the nearby truck drivers. Anyone who is interested, can combine directly with the company on the value of shipping, all in a way online.

The application also allows you to make proposals for posted charges and track your progress. During transportation, you can also send status to the company or persons responsible for the loads, such as the information that it has already been delivered or if it is still in transit.

Payment is made through the application, which will only release the amount when the delivery is made. It is also available for Android and iOS.

3. Quero Frete

Like the previous one, Quero Frete can also be used by the internet browser on a computer, in addition to having the support of startups, such as Startup Brazil, created by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. After registering and giving a short description of your vehicle, the driver goes to a sort of catalog, in which companies can search and hire to make the transports.

The company can view information about professionals who are interested in your service, and receive updates on the progress of your cargo during transportation. The negotiation is done by the chat of the application itself, in which it will be stored. Payment will only be made after delivery is completed in the combined form. Also available for Android and iOS.

4. CT Carga

New to the market, the app was idealized by the Transport Center. In it, the driver can search for all the freight opportunities registered in the platform, thus allowing him to find the nearest and most profitable offer.

On its website, Transport Center also announces the truck drivers who use its application, helping in the selection for future business between drivers and companies. It has a complete search system and has several filters to facilitate the meeting of the best offers. The app is only available for devices with Android operating system.

5. Sontra Cargo

Similar to other applications, Sontra Cargo( acts as an intermediary between freelancers and companies through its database, in which both parties can register. The application already has more than 50 thousand registered truckers and 12 thousand carriers.

All you need to do is enter your truck data and location to search. The app will show you in seconds all the charges available to you, as well as always inform via email, SMS and notifications in the app about new freights corresponding to the search.

The application also provides complete information on freight, such as distance to be covered, estimated fuel and toll charges, as a way to help the driver decide if that service will be worthwhile. Freight and contact data values are visible only to parties who are already interested and compatible with the service.

This attitude prevents unnecessary phone calls or personal information from being published without proper consent. The application was created in 2014, being totally free and available for Android and iOS, in addition to being integrated with Waze, a map application that assists in tracking the delivery location and the route made by the truck driver.

6. Fretebras Checkin

Originally called Fretenet, freelancers can register their vehicles, while freight and shipping companies pay a monthly fee to use the application. The platform can be accessed by truckers through the app available for Android and iOS. The rest can only do it through the site.

In addition to this service, transporters receive help in building sites, in addition to buying advertising on the page and in the application. When you access the Fetebras website, you will already have access to a map, in which you can check what loads are available in all states. There is also information such as the name of the contracting company, origin and destination of the cargo, vehicle model etc.

Now you've seen how easy it can be to find work through the internet. Even in times of crisis, it is possible to get around the situation or earn extra income through load applications and with the least effort.

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