Case of success: how Vinilona improved the work of RodoMilan

Case de sucesso: como a Vinilona melhorou o trabalho da RodoMilan

RodoMilan is a company that deals with the transportation of bulk (soy, corn, etc.), fertilizers and also returnable soft drinks. To better meet your demands, it is essential that the organization has good suppliers.

After some unsuccessful attempts, he found in Sansuy's Vinilona a reliable partner. The first contact with the brand was through the authorized resellers, which soon expanded due to the great satisfaction of the service.

To detail this successful case and in which issues Vinilona helped to improve the work of RodoMilan, we created some topics that explain the benefits generated in this choice. Check out!

Best value for money

Best value for money
When a company has suppliers that do not offer high quality products, there is a significant loss of time and money. According to Matheus Milan, owner-owner and responsible for the commercial sector of RodoMilan, the company went through this before knowing Vinylona.

Other brands were tested and all presented inferior quality. By using these products, RodoMilan encountered problems during transportation, which represented long term loss of money. Given this, the decision came to invest in a traditional brand and known for offering great products to the market.

Because it has a greater thickness, as with the other components of the canvas, it is natural that the durability is also greater. This is very beneficial for a company that transports a large amount of products with trucks that need to run enough to make deliveries.

More safety

Having a durable and high quality product has also generated more safety. The care that a bulk carrier needs to have to carry out its delivery is very large, so it is important to invest in good products.

As there are several brands, it was natural for RodoMilan to test them. However, this successful case shows that Vinilona not only presents products that provide greater transport safety, but also enables companies like RodoMilan to make more accurate investments. And successful investing is also a way to get operational safety.

High productivity

Knowing that you are buying tarpaulins that will actually meet the company's demand, confidence is generated and concerns are eliminated. This is an extremely favorable factor to increase productivity.

And when we talk about productivity, again the quality of the product is fundamental. With better tarpaulins, RodoMilan trucks were less time-consuming to make repairs and exchanges, which led to reduced costs and increased work efficiency.

According to RodoMilan's owner, another factor that greatly influenced productivity improvement was the fact that Vinilona met the delivery deadlines accurately, allowing the company not to deal with contingencies and avoid delays in customer service.

Differentiated Quality

When reading this case of success you should be trying to understand what are the reasons that make Vinilona products differentiated. Well, let's introduce a few so that you understand how they positively influenced the work of RodoMilan.

For bulk carriers, such as RodoMilan, synthetic or vinyl tarpaulins are indicated. Sansuy, through the Vinilona brand, produces this kind of impermeable tarpaulin that avoids moisture problems, which are extremely harmful to the grains.

If moisture is harmful, heat can also be. And for him, Vinilona also has the ability to avoid havoc. The secret lies in the resistance of the material used in relation to temperature variations.

The personalization of tarpaulins is also a very important factor, as it serves as an advertising mechanism and facilitates identification. Besides offering a wide variety of colors (including custom ones in some cases), Vinilona works with digital printing and serigraphic for the insertion of logos.

All these factors help to increase the professionalism of those who make transportation, an element that positively influences the relationship with customers.

Specialized Support

This aspect is so important that it deserves a topic unique to it. See the situation of RodoMilan, a company that has to make deliveries in several locations. What would it be like if she used tarpaulins of a brand that did not offer technical assistance throughout the country? Surely it would be a major inconvenience.

In this case, if there were problems with a tarpaulin or even with delivery, it would be necessary to seek technical assistance. Although it could help, the assistance could not guarantee the effective solution of the problem by not being specialized in the mark.

So, by choosing Vinilona, the company started to count on specialized support in a broad and at the same time accessible way. The ability to service anywhere in the country creates peace of mind for both managers and employees - especially those on the road.

Bonus: What can this success case teach?

Every case of success serves as a source of inspiration and learning. One of the key lessons is that it shows in practice how making the right choices is a way to save money. After a long period of research, RodoMilan found in Vinylona the efficiency so desired. This setback has disrupted the discovery process, which is mainly based on trial and error and generates large costs for the company.

The satisfaction generated by this choice is clear in the talk of the company's owner-owner. Matheus Milan points out that he would not exchange Vinilona for any other brand because "with the durability of Vinilona Sansuy, we increase our productivity, reduce our costs and increase the efficiency of our work."

He further justified that the secret to success lies in the ability to choose good suppliers. "To achieve success, we believe it is essential to place confidence in the strength and quality of traditional products and brands," he says.

In this case of success you learned some of the benefits of Vinilona and how it helped a company to offer a quality service and with less costs. That's why trust is a key factor in maintaining any customer. When it happens, the relationship between the company and supplier is strengthened, ensuring success and satisfaction of all parties.

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