Vinibiodigestor is the biodigester of sansuy

Product Description

Product description: Developed for storage of animal waste, using the methane gas resulting from their decomposition. For abundant production of energy with the best cost benefit. For use as kitchen gas in preparing food; in lighting; in gasoline and diesel engines; in incubators; to boil water; in electricity. For effluent treatment, turning waste into fertilizer, and eliminating the bad smell. Area of use: pig farming, poultry, cattle farming, sheep farming, starch manufacturers, slaughterhouses, dairies, alcohol distilleries, other agroindustries. More information


Material: Flexible PVC geomembrane with special formulation for weather resistance (PVC Tarp).

Size: Format and size varying according to application. Contact us.

Accessories: Flexible PVC laminate coverage (PVC Film).

Distribution box and pipings for waste supply and gas transportation.

Color: White


  • PVC Tarp used in the manufacturing guarantees resistance and durability, aside from holding advanced ambiance technology;
  • Great resistance to weather;
  • The welds are made in the factory, with total gauarantee of its efficiency and durability;
  • Flexibility that facilitates transportation, handling and installation;
  • Product suitable to the needs of each rural property (environmental preservation; energetic demand, and residue), at any scale;
  • Cost lower than that of a masonry construction;
  • Technology and production of renewable energy;
  • Effluent treatment, turning waste into biofertilizers;
  • Produces biogas, allowing permanent obtainment of energy, dispensing expenses with electricity, gasoline or diesel oil;
  • Reduction of the need for firewood, preserving the woods;
  • Reduction of the volume of solids, lowering the transportation cost for farming;
  • Stimulates organic and nutrient recycling;
  • Reduction of environmental impact;
  • Eliminates bad smell and flies in the property, avoiding the spread of diseases;
  • Great cost x benefit relation;
  • The vinibiodigestor is a Sansuy S/A proprietary brand.
  • Technical Assistance throughout the national territory.
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