Canvas for pvc for floor development

Product Description

VC Tarp or PVC Film developed for several floor environments, such as, corridors, halls, waiting rooms, conference environments, fair booths, industry, etc.



Material: Reinforce PVC laminate or PVC tarp with high tenacity polyester wires fabric, or simple PVC Laminate or PVC Film.

Size: 30 m coil and thicknesses of 0.60 to 0.80 mm. Contact us.

Color: Several engravings and colors. Contact us.

Package: Coils or plates..


  • PVC Tarp confectioned with high resistance material, durability and imperviousness;

  • Does not slip;

  •  Isolates the environment from the cold and humidity;

  •  Material easy to clean;

  •  Reduces floor maintenance;

  •  Greater user safety;

  •  Technical Assistance throughout the national territory.

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