Vinimanta- The best way to waterproof

Product Description

PVC geomembrane developed for waterproofing of buried structures such as subway, railway, highway tunnels, stations, etc. To learn more about this product, go



Material: PVC Laminate (Geomembrane).

Size: Contact us.

Applications, as well as dimensions and special shapes can be developed. Contact us.

Color: Contact us.

Package: Coils, on panels or modules.


  • PVC laminate used in geomembrane manufacturing guarantees resistance, great imperviousness and durability;

  • The vinimanta works PVC geomembrane can be formulated to have an odorless and nontoxic characteristic guaranteeing water potability;

  • Vinimanta works can be formulated according to its use;

  •  Coupled with geotextile, in one of the faces, allows greater resistance to punching, tearing or rupturing; or better adherence in concrete application;

  •  Presents less thermal deformation;

  •  Flexibility to adjust itself to any type of terrain or substrate, without rupture;

  •  Low specific weight if compared to traditional systems;

  •  Practical installation, fast, efficient and with low cost;

  • Easy to transport and handle;

  •  Presents excellent weldability through several applicable techniques;

  •  The welding is made by the manufacturer, with complete assurance of its effectiveness and durability;

  •  Easy to install through accessories for finishing in interferences such as columns, beam, drains, pipings, corners and footers;

  •  Easy to repair;

  •  During installation, vinimanta works presents advantages by not using flame and considerably reducing gas emissions;

  •  Can be supplied in big panels, folded and custom packaged;

  •  The Sansuy vinimanta was the first geomembrane used in Brazil for infrastructure works, with several use references and construction technology;

  • Permanent technical assistance throughout the national territory for our product.


  • Imagem vinimanta - Sansuy
  • Imagem vinimanta - Sansuy
  • Imagem vinimanta - Sansuy