Água Capta

Bottle or Flexible bucket for capturing or reusing rainwater, gutters, among others.

Product Description

Harnessing the rainwater volume is a supply process that takes sustainability into account.  The Capta Water is a reservoir that allows with many advantages, the use of these waters to be able to wash floors, to do irrigation and other uses where the  potable water is not necessary.  Water Capta, as its name says, captures water using roofs and gutters as initial collectors and reserves water volumes according to their needs (80, 200, 305 and 600 liters). Portable, flexible and easy to install, Capta Water is non-toxic, does not loose residue in the water, has connectivity to increase storage capacity and a unique and protective anti-insect screen. With Capta Water, part of the water that was lost is available for any eventualities of residential, industrial or business use.


Measures: Diameter - 0.45 Ø, height - 0.53 m



Rigid PVC columns with tips installed at the ends

1 of record for exhaustion (faucet);

2 un registration for water leak (thief);

2 un. Circular Ring;

2 un Union PVC.

1.20 meters of transparent hose


  • Portable.

  • Do not loose residue.

  • Atoxico.

  • Flexible.

  • Water use.

  • Anti dengue.

  • Connectivity to increase capacity.

  • Imagem Água Capta