Shelter confectione with PVC tarp developed for workers and equipment in the rural services, filed services and other applications.

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Product description: Developed for storage of animal waste, using the methane gas resulting from their decomposition. For abundant production of energy with the best cost benefit. For use as kitchen gas in preparing food; in lighting; in gasoline and diesel engines; in incubators; to boil water; in electricity. For effluent treatment, turning waste into fertilizer, and eliminating the bad smell. Area of use: pig farming, poultry, cattle farming, sheep farming, starch manufacturers, slaughterhouses, dairies, alcohol distilleries, other agroindustries.

Product description: PVC Tarp developed for coverage of cotton bales and big bales, coverage for machinery and equipment, partition of tennis courts and small coverages.

Irrigation tube, used in the conduction of raw water, in some cases, vinasse, by means of gravity, providing a more rational use of the resources.