Vinilona is pvc canvas for truck

Descrição do Produto

Canvas for truck type, truck, bitrem, bulk carrier, bucket, etc. To know more about this product visit the site:


Material: Reinforced PVC laminate or PVC tarp with high tenacity polyester threads fabric. Finished with double seam and with half rings in the sheaths.

Size: According to the need of your equipment. Contact us.

Accessory: Possibility of logo insertion. Contact us.

Color: It has a large color chart.

Consult us for special color development.

Packing: Single

Product available for purchase by BNDES Card.


  • PVC Tarp confectioned with high resistance material, durability and imperviousness;

  • Material resistant to variations in temperature;

  • High frequency electronic welding, ensuring total strength and durability;

  • Because of its flexibility, PVC tarpaulin facilitates handling with less risk of tearing or damage;

  • The PVC canvas, being light, facilitates its handling;

  • The half-rings provide better fixation and finishing for your vehicle;

  • Availability of digital or screen printing.

  • Sansuy offers Technical Assistance throughout the country and abroad.

  • Imagem vinilona 1000 - Sansuy
  • Imagem vinilona 1000 - Sansuy
  • Imagem vinilona 1000 - Sansuy