Vinivento – PVC ventilation pipe

Venting duct or pipe for mining (underground), railroads and highways tunnels and galleries. Used in the air injection and / or exhaustion, compatible with several models of axial fans, meeting the most diverse requirements of work pressure.


Material:  Laminated reinforced PVC or PVC tarp with high tenacity polyester threads fabric, coated on both surfaces by PVC film with additives.

Size:  Several sizes, with diameters varying from 0.30 to 2.20 m and lengths in throws of 10 or 20 m (special dimensions, under request)

Many shapes / geometries (standard pipe, fork in “Y”, structured with metallic spiral, derivation to the left or right, geminate, oval etc).

Acessories: sustaining handles every meter, repair set, Conservation, Maintenance, Operation, and Installation manual.

Color: Yellow – standard (other colors under request).

Packing: Individual

Product available for purchase by BNDES Card.


  • PVC tarp manufactured with durable, high resistant and waterproof material;

  • Light, malleable, easy to handle and transport material;

  • High frequency electronic weldings, assuring total resistance and waterproofing;

  • Easy and versatile instalation, it can be installed vertically and horizontally;

  • It can be used for positive or negative pressure (only structured model);

  • Able to be repaired, with maintenance done in field, in a simple and fast way;

  • Technical assistance in the whole country.